Adam Douglas - Assistant Editor

Currently Available


I am an ambitious Edit Assistant currently based in London!

I have a rich passion for editing as well as data management and am keen to further this interest in a documentary and film environment. I'm deeply interested in technology and building computers, and have a love for music history and composition.

I have just completed a Masters in Postproduction for TV at The University of Salford.

Top Credits

  • Title: Chris and Meg's Wild Summer
    Length: 6x30min
    Genre: Entertainment
    Producer: Joanne Stevens
    Channel: BBC 2
    Company: BBC
  • Title: A Real Bugs Life
    Length: 4x30
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Tom Hugh-Jones
    Channel: Disney+
    Company: Plimsoll
  • Title: Queens
    Length: 7x50
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Chloe Sarosh
    Channel: Disney+
    Company: WildStar