David Warby - Editor

Currently Available


I'm a creative and resourceful editor with 20 years experience in South African TV. Now based in Bristol, I offer professional editing on a freelance basis.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work on numerous genres including factual, observational, natural history, sports, music, entertainment and feature film.

I also write songs for film and television as Stomper with placements in Netflix, MTV and cartoon networks.

Top Credits

  • Title: Funny Enough
    Length: Feature Length
    Genre: Feature Film
    Producer: David Moore
    Company: Cheap Flicks
  • Title: The Secret World of Toys at Christmas
    Length: 40 minutes
    Genre: Factual
    Producer: Joshua Good
    Channel: Channel 4
    Company: Boomerang
  • Title: Counter Culture
    Length: 40 minutes
    Genre: Entertainment
    Producer: Roxanne Harris
    Channel: SABC 3
    Company: Community Media Trust
  • Title: The Rise of Us
    Length: 26 minutes
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Simon Beasley
    Channel: Red Bull Television
    Company: Red Bull TV