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I am a highly experienced & creative offline film editor. Over the last 24 years I have worked on a vast array of high quality projects, and have a reputation for being easy to work with, whilst producing outstanding results. In 2019 I edited EMMY nominated ‘Dancing with the Birds’. I have also been part of several BAFTA WINNING series’, including ‘The Young Apprentice’ (2012) and ‘Surgeons – At the Edge of Life’ (2018). In 2014 I was lead editor on RTS WINNING project ‘The Hotel‘, and in 2003 I was nominated for an individual BAFTA Craft Award.

Top Credits

  • Title: Dancing with the Birds
    Length: 60 Minutes
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: H Cordey
    Channel: Netflix
    Company: Silverback Films
  • Title: Tiny World
    Length: 30 Minutes
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: A Ranken/T Hugh-Jones
    Channel: Apple
    Company: Plimsoll
  • Title: Surgeons - At the Edge of Life
    Length: 60 Minutes
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Dragonfly
    Channel: BBC 2
    Company: Dragonfly
  • Title: Cities: Nature's New Wild
    Length: 60 Minutes
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: M Brandon
    Channel: BBC 2
    Company: BBC NHU