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I’m a skilful storyteller who has an excellent sense for narrative and pace. Creative, fast, dedicated, with a keen eye for detail and flair for music and sound design.

With 15 years in the industry, I have experience across a wide variety of program formats and genres, holding a particular passion for natural history, travel and adventure.

I enjoy working collaboratively but am also very comfortable working independently. With every project I take pride in drawing out the best story possible and crafting a film that will educate, excite and entertain.

Top Credits

  • Title: Gathering Storm
    Length: 48min
    Genre: Natural History
    Channel: Nat Geo
    Company: KEO
  • Title: Shark Week - The Sharks Of Headstone Hell
    Length: 48min
    Genre: Natural History
    Channel: Discovery
    Company: Icon Films
  • Title: Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters
    Length: 48min x 2
    Genre: Natural History
    Channel: Animal Planet
    Company: Icon Films
  • Title: Animals Decoded
    Length: 50min
    Genre: Natural History
    Channel: Blue Ant
    Company: Blink Films