Catarina Oliveira - Editor

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I am a personable and creative editor with over 13 years of professional experience.

From high-end natural history productions, to fast-paced live TV, and carefully crafted documentaries on sensitive subjects, my credits include the BAFTA-winning BBC Springwatch 2020, conservation ob doc series ‘Rescued Chimps of the Congo with Jane Goodall’, and BBC’s blue-chip series ‘Blue Planet II’ and ‘Seven Worlds One Planet’.

In the world of short form, I have cut over 200 films including digital series, music videos, social media promos, and short documentaries for digital platforms for BBC, Nat Geo, Fairtrade, Shelter, Microsoft 4Afrika, Integrate UK, and Dyson, among others.

Having worked in different countries and genres, I consider myself an adaptable individual who finds it easy to integrate with different teams, and who is quick to learn new formats and workflows. My educational background in music has helped me develop an acute sense of pacing and a strong interest in sound design. My experience in creating eye catching short films feeds into my style of editing across genres, helping give that extra polish to the edit, as well as making me confident that I can tell a story as concisely as needed - often by getting involved in script editing too.

I work in Avid and Premiere, with intermediate skills in After Effects, and am able to edit content in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.


'Catarina is simply a great editor and has a good feel for music and the beauty of images. Catarina also has one of the chief qualities I look for in a modern editor when faced with the huge amount of media multi camera digital shoots often produce - she is very fast! Fun to work with and very professional she just gets on with it and gives you a feeling of confidence that you will get the job done.' John Ruthven, BBC

'Catarina was an absolute pleasure to work with on Andy's Animal Raps. She worked quickly within our tight deadlines and responded to any commissioner feedback promptly and with creative flair. A great editor and someone I would love to work with again!' Emily Miller, BBC

'We’ve used Catarina for multiple editing jobs and she is someone that consistently delivers. A freelancer that has a very professional approach and accurately interprets direction. Whether she is working at our office or hers, she maintains a high level of focus. We’ve always been very pleased with both the editing and motion graphics work produced by Cat.' Jemma Hodkinson, Snowline Productions

Top Credits

  • Title: Islands
    Length: 1 x 50'
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Dominic Weston/Ruth Campbell
    Channel: NDA (major broadcaster)
    Company: Wall to Wall
  • Title: Gangs of Baboon Falls
    Length: 1 x 5'
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Adam Oldroyd
    Channel: Sky
    Company: True To Nature
  • Title: Rescued Chimpanzees of the Congo with Jane Goodall
    Length: 3 x 50'
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Debbie Hinnigan
    Channel: CuriosityStream
    Company: Off the Fence
  • Title: A Real Bug's Life
    Length: 1 x 30'
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Kirstine Davidson/Bill Markham (SP)
    Channel: Nat Geo/Disney+
    Company: Plimsoll