Charlie Rogers - Assistant Editor

Charlie Rogers

Assistant Editor

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Hello, I'm Charlie an editor from Bristol looking for Edit Assistant and Junior Editor jobs.

I'm a friendly, tenacious and creative person who loves being around people. With experience in editing, filming, directing, and producing I have a passion for creating exciting, professional and relevant films for a wide range of people.

I'm currently an edit assistant at Films@59 and with over 4 years experience of being a self employed videographer, from concept to screen, I love the process of editing and that I provide outstanding results.

I am confident in my abilities which have been strengthened as a result of my degree from Leeds University (BA Hons Int. Fine Art) specialising in film and from a wide range of projects I have been a part of.

-Have worked in film for the last 8 years, paid film work for the last 5 years.

-Travelled around the UK with multiple film crews, editing, directing, filming and facilitating shots for various companies such as FuelTV, There4Productions, Unite Students, the Bristol Volksfest and more

-Can use Avid, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe Premiere, "photoshop"

-List of works include the likes of; Feature Film trailers, Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Marketing & Social Media Videos, Interviews, Lifestyle Shots, Promos

-Experienced in media management, data wrangling and LTO’s.

-Full clean driving license and car.

You can see my showreel here

If you want to get in touch just drop me an email on