Clara Hargreaves - Editor

Currently Available


I am a versatile editor with a passion for visual storytelling. I have a keen eye for detail and proven technical skills.

I offer clients a calm and efficient approach during the edit, allowing the team to concentrate on good storytelling and maximising the impact of the content.

Thanks to my background in workflow development I can assist in many of the technical challenges that may arise in the cutting room.

I have a wealth of experience in natural history but also enjoy working across multiple disciplines, from digital content, to documentaries and dramas.

I work on any NLE platform and specialise in AVID. I am also adept at creating offline GFX, writing commentary and track laying.

With every new project I bring the same dedication, enthusiasm and high standards to the cutting room, ensuring audiences see the very best version of each project.

Top Credits

  • Title: Under NDA
    Genre: Natural History
    Channel: Global SVOD
    Company: Plimsoll Productions
  • Title: Night on Earth
    Genre: Natural History
    Channel: Netflix
    Company: Plimsoll Productions
  • Title: Savage Kingdom III BTS
    Length: 5min
    Genre: Natural History
    Channel: National Geographic
    Company: NHFU Botswana & Icon FIlms