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I’m a creative, fast and experienced offline editor with strong narrative sense, visual flair and can deliver high quality work to tight deadlines. I’ve been working in TV post production for 20 years, across a range of broadcast genres, including Entertainment (The Great British Bake Off, First Dates) Reality (Married at First Sight, The Block) Factual (A Matter of Life and Debt, The Great British Germ Hunt) Documentary (Who Do You Think You Are, Further Back In Time For Dinner, Keeping Australia Alive) and Sport (London & Vancouver Olympic Games). I also have extensive experience in online and post supervisor positions (The Voice, London Olympic Games) and my workflow and technical abilities are of a very high standard.

Top Credits

  • Title: The Great British Bake Off
    Length: 60' Series Editor
    Genre: Entertainment
    Producer: Love Productions
  • Title: First Dates S2
    Length: 60' Series Editor
    Genre: Reality
    Producer: Warner Bros
  • Title: Keeping Australia Alive
    Length: 60' Series Editor
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: ITV Studios
  • Title: Countryfile
    Length: 50' Series Editor
    Genre: Factual
    Producer: BBC