Dan Beare - Assistant Editor

Currently Available


Skilled in managing and delivering all post processes including, offline, online, data backup, media management, ingest, archive and technical support (edit and computer). I also organise, schedule and facilitate the bookings for the grade, track lay, dubbing and final delivery, including all coordination with post houses. I enjoy managing and working as part of a team although can work independently taking the initiative where required. I have managed teams of editors and edit assistants, working across multiple projects. In the last ten years I have gained invaluable experience in the media and technological side of filmmaking. Having practical experience at all stages of post-production allows me to better supervise and step in to help when needed.

Top Credits

  • Title: Serengeti
    Length: 6x60
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: John Downer/Lucinda Axelsson
    Channel: BBC, Worldwide and Discovery
    Company: John Downer Productions