David McCann - Editor

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I'm a fast, story driven editor with a great ear for music and strong writing skills. I specialise in high end natural history programming but also write and direct children’s comedies, so bring a fresh a perspective to the wildlife genre. I have 80 credits for Disney, Apple TV, NatGeo, BBC, ITV, C4, Sky, Discovery, France TV, Artè, and Blue Ant. Prior to working as an offline editor I worked in development at the BBC and Plimsoll Productions, producing hundreds of sizzle reels.

Top Credits

  • Title: A Real Bugs Life
    Length: 30"
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Tom Hugh-Jones
    Channel: Disney
    Company: Plimsoll Productions
  • Title: Supernatural
    Length: 44"
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Tom Hugh Jones
    Channel: Disney/NatGeo
    Company: Plimsoll Productions
  • Title: Silly Animals
    Length: 10 x 7"
    Genre: Childrens
    Producer: Aaron Paul
    Channel: Sky
    Company: Rebel Television
  • Title: A Year On Planet Earth
    Length: 48''
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Seb Illis
    Channel: ITV
    Company: Plimsoll Productions