I am an enthusiastic Bristol based Offline Editor, offering a fast, creative and versatile approach to storytelling. I've worked on a wide range of programming including natural history, drama, multi-cam studio, pop-science, live and children's in 4K, 3D and HDR, for major broadcasters in the UK, America and Europe.

In addition to my creative side I also have a very strong technical background, fully understanding the various workflows and processes involved in post production. As such I can also provide end-to-end post as well as Producing final sign off.

Top Credits

  • Title: Animals With Cameras (BBC1)
    Length: 1 x 58min
    Genre: Factual
    Producer: Gillian Taylor
  • Title: Stan Lee's Superhumans (History 2)
    Length: 3 x 48min
    Genre: Entertainment
    Producer: Andrew Zikking
  • Title: Deadly Dinosaurs (CBBC)
    Length: 3 x 28min
    Genre: Childrens
    Producer: Dan Tapster
  • Title: Destination Wild: Colombia (Nat Geo)
    Length: 1 x 43min
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Valeria Fabbri-Kennedy