Hansel Rodrigues - Editor

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Hansel was born in India and grew up in the suburbs of London. He is an award-winning fiction and documentary filmmaker with shorts screening at Norwich, Underwire and Cannes Film Festival. He is a member of the Kusp and is currently part of the Directors UK Inspire scheme where he is being mentored by Nichola Wong. Hansel studied English and Film at Queen Mary University of London with essays published in the Film Matters journal. Since graduating he has worked as a freelance editor working with brands and documentarians and he is constantly developing and directing films that he is passionate about. Amongst a roster of projects in progress, he is currently working with Ventureland on King Putt, a documentary about the world champion of crazy golf.

With a keen interest in both documentary and fictional filmmaking, Hansel loves working on accessible, cinematic stories that are hopeful, multi-tonal and focus on the nuanced, messy lives we all lead. He is also a big Arsenal fan and has a crazy cocker spaniel called Juno.