There is a story everywhere, you just need to pay attention.

My roles in UK High-end TV have given me the background necessary to work with brands such as Prada, Nat Geo and HBO. Delivering content to the highest broadcasting standards, in both VFX and Editorial roles, I have had the opportunity to learn from the best people in the industry.

Progressing to Assistant VFX Editor for the HBO series His Dark Materials has given me the luxury of experience in the biggest UK drama of the past five years, netting up to 7 million viewers an episode, and working alongside some very recognisable faces.

Prior to my current work, I studied film at both the Higher Institute of Arts in Cuba and the University of Kent, received the Chevening Scholarship, worked as an Editor and Director for music festivals and independent productions for nine years, and emigrated to the UK.

Top Credits

  • Title: His Dark Materials - Season 3
    Length: 4x48
    Genre: Drama
    Producer: Bad Wolf/HBO
    Channel: HBO/BBC
    Company: Bad Wolf
  • Title: The Winter King
    Length: 4x30
    Genre: Drama
    Producer: Bad Wolf/ITV+
    Channel: MGM TV
    Company: Bad Wolf