Very experienced editor going back to the early days of Channel 4. Experienced in most genres of mainstream television (e.g. Dispatches, 999, Signals, Really Wild Show) mainly documentary, arts and natural history. Became an AVID Certified Instructor in 1999 and a Final Cut instructor in 2003. Have trained 100s of BBC editors, producers, directors, journalists whilst working full-time as an instructor, mainly for the BBC. I even trained their trainers! Have now re-embarked on an editing career with the first programme I cut winning an RTS award for 'Best Series Production' ( Available to edit all over the country including London. (Based around Bristol.)

Learnt to edit at Pinewood Studios chiefly sitting at the knees of Teddy Darvis (editor of The Railway Children). Cut a pilot for Channel 4 before Channel 4 was launched! Worked freelance as an editor for most of my career covering just about every genre that exists. (I have a massive hole in 'drama'; and I really wish I could have my time again to cover that aspect of our work.) Came to Bristol in 1997 working in the furry animals department and features. Was both online and offline (amongst others) editor of the last series of 999. All this was mostly using AVID. I became an AVID Certified Instructor in 1999.)

Became one of the first Apple Certified Instructors in 2002 and since then have trained over 500 BBC personnel (and others) in the use of Final Cut Pro 4-7 and, more recently, FCP X. Spent 6 months of 2018 at BBC Birmingham training editors and producers (and others) to use FCP X for regional news and their magazine programme, Inside Out, using a course which I developed specifically for them.

Have recently re-started serious broadcast programme editing with the next TX for a programme on BBC 4 on 29th December 2019. (Home Movies of Nazi Germany.) I am also still training and have a booking coming up at BBC Wood Norton. I am still capable and happy to use an AVID editing system. (I was within the first 100 editors to use AVID Media Composer in this country with my first job being that infamous Lynford Christie documentary for Chyrsalis Productions.) 'Home Movies' was edited using AVID Media Composer 2019.

Currently developing an advanced course for FCP X editors.

Give me a call now for either your editing (or even training) needs: 07734 838722.

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Top Credits

  • Title: Home Movies of Nazi Germany
    Length: 2 x 60min
    Genre: History
    Producer: Freya Eden-Ellis
    Channel: BBC 4
    Company: Bright Button Productions
  • Title: Esther Rantzen's House Trap
    Length: 27'
    Genre: Factual
    Producer: Mark Davenport
    Channel: C4
    Company: Plimsoll
  • Title: The Natural History of Horses
    Length: 1 x 1hr
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Jan Euden
    Channel: BBC 1
    Company: BBC
  • Title: Just too many!