I'm an award-winning editor with a wealth of experience across a wide variety of programme making, from inception to final delivery. I am very happy to work across all genres but I especially enjoy documentary work, where my storytelling skills really come to the fore. A strong sense of rhythm and pace, whether visually or on the soundtrack, complement my grasp of narrative structure.

I'm also well versed technically, and my experience grading and onlining (as well as directing and self-shooting) means I'm able to advise and troubleshoot at all stages of an edit. I'm happy to be brought in early in the production process, and consult on workflows and technical requirements as well as aesthetic and content matters. Alongside this I have a great deal of experience working with stories that are legally and ethically sensitive, understanding the unique considerations that need to be given in those cases.

I enjoy working in a collaborative team environment, stay calm when the pressure mounts and above all aim to make the edit an enjoyable, creative experience.

I live in the south west, but work across the country (and worldwide if needed!) with a London base for edits there.

Top Credits

  • Title: Panorama - The Hunt for Britain's Slave Gangs
    Length: 60'
    Genre: Factual
    Producer: Duncan Staff
    Channel: BBC1
    Company: Longtail Films
  • Title: Married At First Sight s3
    Length: 60'
    Genre: Reality
    Producer: Trish Powell
    Channel: C4
    Company: CPL Productions
  • Title: Stacey Dooley - Spy Cams and Creep Catchers
    Length: 50'
    Genre: Factual
    Producer: Lucy Pilkington
    Channel: BBC
    Company: Milk and Honey
  • Title: My Brother The Islamist
    Length: 60'
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Ray Tostevin
    Channel: BBC
    Company: GRACE Productions