Jonny Doggett - Editor

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Jonathan has worked with my team several times. He's a delight to work with, affable, and worked hard on (what can often be) stressful projects. He quickly grasped our style and was more than capable of working on his own initiative to produce high quality packages. Will happily and gladly work with him again.
Mat Fidell – Series Producer

I am a creative, thoughtful, well organised and quick Editor. I am dedicated to crafting a compelling narrative across a wide range of programme formats, ensuring the project communicates its story effectively and enjoyably. I regularly work across many platforms and genres and I am always keen to continue developing and learning by experiencing new challenges with new teams.

… From day one I could tell that he was the right editor for the job as he is organised, meticulous, creative and a fantastic story teller. Jonathan’s understanding of pace, and creating the right ‘feel’ for each scene has meant that he can be trusted to work through an edit and deliver an exciting engaging programme every time…
Adam Boyle, Producer/Director

Top Credits

  • Title: Sherlock: Behind 221b - The Lying Detective
    Length: 25 mins
    Genre: Entertainment
    Producer: Nathan Llandeg
  • Title: Africa's Hidden Wonders
    Length: 45 mins
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Bracken Hollings
    Channel: Nat Geo
    Company: Off The Fence
  • Title: What Would Your Kid Do?
    Length: 60 mins
    Genre: Entertainment
    Producer: Lucy Gosling
  • Title: Dirty Vegan
    Length: 30 mins
    Genre: Food
    Producer: Luke Lovell