Passion for story telling and visualises editing as a creative puzzle, it may be difficult but the final picture is always so rewarding.

Efficient working both independently and collaboratively with producers, and used to tight deadlines. Home edit suite available.

Hobbies include exploring new places both abroad and locally, photography and reading.

Top Credits

  • Title: Spy In The Ocean
    Genre: Natural History
    Channel: BBC ONE
    Company: Spark TV
  • Title: Black Files Declassified
    Length: 3x42
    Genre: Factual
    Channel: Discovery Science
    Company: Spark TV
  • Title: The 80s - Music's Greatest Decade?
    Length: 3x58
    Genre: Documentaries
    Channel: BBC TWO
    Company: Plimsoll Productions
  • Title: Serengeti II (Assistant Editor)
    Length: 6x58
    Genre: Natural History
    Channel: BBC One
    Company: John Downer Productions