I have been freelance editing since 2004, previously I worked in technical support at Films @ 59, a major post production house in Bristol. My background in Avid Support means I can assist with many of the technical challenges that arise throughout the editing process.

I have a strong sense of story and pacing, in addition to an eye for detail. I can see and assemble storylines extremely quickly, with experience gained from editing a wealth of different genres. I also have a degree in Film and Computing from the University of Kent.

I am fully proficient on all the current major editing platforms, and always keen to learn more. I have also edited around the world and am equally happy on a laptop on location, in a full suite in a post house, or working from home in my garden office edit suite.

Top Credits

  • Title: Our Planet 2
    Length: 60mins
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Toby Nolan
    Channel: Netflix
    Company: Plimsoll Productions
  • Title: Tiny World
    Length: 30min
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Tom Hugh-Jones
    Channel: Apple TV+
    Company: Plimsoll Productions
  • Title: Blue Planet LIVE
    Length: 60m x 3
    Genre: Outside Broadcast
    Producer: Roger Webb
    Channel: BBC1
    Company: BBC NHU
  • Title: The Caribbean with Simon Reeve
    Length: 60mins
    Genre: Current Affairs
    Producer: Matt Brandon
    Channel: BBC1
    Company: BBC