I have been working in the television industry since 1994. For the last 14 years I have been working as an offline editor, a life long ambition.
I think my work is quite diverse, I have experience cutting many different types of documentaries, live TV, cooking shows, natural history, quiz shows and drama. I’m sensitive to the subject, am good company to work with and hard working. I like to experiment with my work, I like to have some involvement with the script and feel I give my work a good sense of pace and narrative. I mainly work in the Bristol and Bath area, but am happy to travel outside the area.

Top Credits

  • Title: Morning Live
    Length: insert films
    Genre: Current Affairs
    Producer: Susie Staples/Reema Lorford
    Channel: BBC 1
    Company: BBC
  • Title: The Lost
    Length: 120mins
    Genre: Feature Film
    Producer: Alex Klaus
    Channel: Amazon Prime Video
    Company: Lexart Films
  • Title: Camp Zambia
    Length: 48min
    Genre: Natural History
    Producer: Hanna Hoare
    Company: Plimsoll
  • Title: Wales - England's Colony?
    Length: 60mins x 2
    Genre: History
    Producer: Amy Quant
    Channel: BBC Wales
    Company: Hall of Mirrors