Michael Walker - Editor

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A strong collaborative leader and team player with a track record of working across all spectrums of the production industry managing budgets and deadlines.
Extensive technical, creative and managerial background.
A keen eye for detail and excellence and working with diverse teams within the international market place. Experienced in building, running and managing both production and annual budgets ensuring that projects are delivered to high standards, within cost and on time. Established record of improving efficiencies through best practice and increasing output through technology, workflow management, diplomacy and conflict resolution. A passion for film production, News and Current Affairs, technology, excellence and a sharing of knowledge.

Top Credits

  • Title: Palestine Street - The Lost Bride / Bride in Exile
    Length: 2 x 52 minutes
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Geoff Dunlop - Al Jazeera Network
  • Title: It happened in …… Bhopal , It happened in ……New Orleans
    Length: 2 x 26 mins
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Al Jazeera
  • Title: Beyond The Horizon
    Length: 6 x 26
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Jason Breckenridge - Al Jazeera Network
  • Title: Kill or Cure
    Length: 8 x 26 mins
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: RockHopper TV for BBC World