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I am a confident, creative and dedicated offline Avid editor based in Bristol. I always strive to find the best story and deliver it with the appropriate style and pace. I enjoy working collaboratively but I also remain focused whilst working alone. I have worked across a variety of daytime and primetime programmes covering everything from fashion and food to makeovers and antiques for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5.

Top Credits

  • Title: The Great British Bake Off
    Genre: Entertainment
    Channel: Channel 4
    Company: Love Productions
  • Title: Inside the Factory
    Genre: Factual
    Channel: BBC 2
    Company: Voltage
  • Title: DIY SOS
    Genre: Entertainment
    Channel: BBC 1
    Company: BBC
  • Title: Lodgers & Landlords
    Genre: Documentaries
    Channel: Channel 4
    Company: RDF West