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A creative editor with flair for visual language and drawing out engaging plot, exciting action and compelling e"motion"al narrative.

Quick, versatile and able to rethink and rework structure in order to get to the heart of the story.

I have 11 years professional experience working at the highest level in feature film with directors such as Edgar Wright, Ridley Scott and Paul King. From serious drama to comedy, low budget independents to high budget vfx features. Action, comedy and animation are all specialties.

From pre-production through to delivery, including experience directing pickups during additional photography. Film and digital pipelines, 2D and 3D workflows, animation (including stop-frame), archive, multi-format and foreign language productions.

I’m happy working both independently and as part of a team. I love forging strong and supportive professional relationships not to mention fantastic final pieces of work.

Top Credits

  • Title: A Boy Called Christmas
    Length: 100mins
    Genre: Feature Film
    Producer: Graham Broadbent. Blueprint Pictures. Studio Canal. Netflix.
  • Title: His Dark Materials
    Length: 2 x 60min
    Genre: Drama
    Producer: Jane Tranter. Bad Wolf. BBC. HBO.
  • Title: Failures Season - Behold The Monkey
    Length: 1 x 25min
    Genre: Drama
    Producer: Wildcard Films. Sky Arts.
  • Title: Paddington 2
    Length: 104 minutes
    Genre: Feature Film
    Producer: David Heyman. Studio Canal Big Talk Productions