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I am an accomplished edit assistant with an understanding of different editing platforms. I am a creative person with an enthusiasm for Film and TV.
Technical Skills:
o Exporting AS11s
o Digitising from tape including DIGIBETA, HDCAMSR,HDCAM,DV Camcorder
o Creating End of Edit assets
o Good knowledge of Codecs and
o Creating BITC and clean playouts
o Creating and exporting Split Tracks
o Exporting WAVS, AAFS and EDLs
o Offloading rushes
o Ingesting/Transcoding/ Consolidating media
o Re-linking offline media
o Avid troubleshooting for edits
o Archiving and Retrieving LTO
o General knowledge of Conforms
o Full knowledge of Nexis and ISIS client manager

Previous clients whilst working at The Farm Group:
-Animal Park Summer Special 2018 – Remarkable TV
-Searching for Mum – Raw TV
-The Dr Who Took Kids off Drugs - Raw TV
-Brian Cox - 21st Century Race for Space
-Britain's Brightest Family - GameFace Productions
-Alphabetical - GameFace Productions
-Deal or No Deal On Tour - Endemol