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A Bafta winning, highly experienced, Avid editor, passionate about documentary editing. Dedicated to making high quality, sensitive, compelling programmes. Highly ambitious, adaptable and accommodating with excellent technical knowledge, an excellent editorial eye and natural instinctive talent.

Top Credits

  • Title: Veganville
    Length: 1x45min
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Kate Taunton
    Channel: BBC1 / BBC3
    Company: Plimsoll
  • Title: Andrew Davies : Rewriting the Classics
    Length: 1x1hr
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Suzanne Phillips
    Channel: BBC4
    Company: Martha Stone Productions
  • Title: Hayley Goes...
    Length: 3x30mins
    Genre: Documentaries
    Channel: BBC3
    Company: Little Bird Films
  • Title: Hell on Wheels
    Length: 1x40min
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Toby Cameron
    Channel: BBC Wales
    Company: Folk Films