Tim Kirby - Editor

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I lived in London for many years working in both Broadcast and non-Broadcast sectors before returning to my home town of Bristol in 2017. I'm now based in Spike Island in Bristol after spending 18 months working with Shift Active Media in Bath.

Clients include Wildstar Films, Sky TV, Deluxe, ITV, C5, UKTV, London Live, TVT, Shift Active Media, 23Red, Qdos, Agfa Graphics, Box3Media, Drinkworks and Kagemusha Taiko.

My tools of choice are Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Avid and I am also now reacquainting myself with FCPX.

I operate Mac based edit systems of my own, including the latest 2019 iMac Pro (with 10 cores and 64GB RAM) and a Macbook Pro for mobile editing, with a portable Avid and Adobe CC2019 licence with Boris Continuum Complete, and the full suite of Sapphire and Red Giant plug-ins.

I love my work and bring enthusiasm and attention to detail to any project I work on, large or small.

Top Credits

  • Title: Inside Art (2020)
    Length: 2 x 30 min
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Richard Shaw
    Channel: Sky Arts
    Company: Unity House
  • Title: Darbar Festival 2012 - 2017 Sky Arts
    Length: 30 x 60
    Genre: Multicam
    Producer: Sandeep Virdee - Darbar Arts & Culture
  • Title: Our Diamond Queen - Sky News Doc
    Length: 60mins
    Genre: Documentaries
    Producer: Penny Chrimes
    Channel: Sky News
    Company: Sky News Cocumentaries
  • Title: Darbar Festival 2014
    Length: 6 x 60
    Genre: Multicam
    Producer: Sandeep Virdee - Darbar Arts & Culture