Hello there!

I'm a long-form scripted-format editor, passionately working in the UK's TV drama and film industry. I've worked in this field for the last 5 years, both as an offline editor and as a 1st AE, continually developing my own methodical, fast and instinctive approach to the nuanced discipline of narrative storytelling.

I also have plenty of experience as a finishing editor; I was a staff onliner for many years prior to going freelance, though I occasionally still fulfill the role on an ad-hoc basis between longer term contracts. It gets me involved with a broad variety of production genres, and can cover everything from colour grading to visual effects to file-encoding and delivery.

I'm based near Cardiff, South Wales, though I'm happy whittling away long days at any edit suite across the UK. I've also got a great Avid setup at home which has seen plenty of investment recently with the shift towards remote operating.

Top Credits

  • Title: Wait for Me
    Length: 1×95’
    Genre: Feature Film
    Producer: Thea Burrows
    Channel: Theatrical
    Company: Old Hall Films
  • Title: Hollyoaks
    Length: 4×28’
    Genre: Drama
    Producer: Bryan Kirkwood
    Channel: Channel 4
    Company: Lime Pictures
  • Title: The Dumping Ground
    Length: 5×28’
    Genre: Childrens
    Producer: Gert Thomas
    Channel: CBBC
    Company: CBBC
  • Title: Noughts + Crosses
    Length: 4×58'
    Genre: Drama
    Producer: Sarah Lewis
    Channel: BBC
    Company: Mammoth Screen